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Wayne Foote

I received news just recently that one of my heroes had left this land for the better one. It was not unexpected, he had been in failing health for many months, needing more and more care from his family to stay in the home he loved at age 91. We, my wife and I, became friends with his daughter and son-in-law many years ago when we all attended the same church. They invited us to St. Ignace to visit Glen Memorial...

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I remember the evening a few years ago now when a visitor attended our church service.  He was a slender man with lots of energy and it was obvious he was trying to find a place to sit.  Certainly, he was aware of the rules for the Crawford Section; that we were very selective about someone invading our turf…but alas, he was not cognizant of our rules made for such a time as this.  I made casual eye contact with...

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May I be Excused from Church Now?

The Church, the Body of Christ, evokes widely divergent responses depending on your latest experiences in church. Some have warm feelings of a loving body of believers who seem to exist solely to draw each other closer together in Christian unity. Some others may be feeling the pain, the grief, of a church split, a messy divorce as brothers and sisters in the Lord wage war on each other.  There are a thousand variations of the above two choices. How does...

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