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Pine Tree Ministries

Welcome to Pine Tree Ministries. I chose that name because it is a combination of my physical and spiritual heritage. I was born and raised on a piece of property known as The Pines Nursery. It is a 20-acre piece of property with most of the acres covered with pine trees.

My dad planted, raised, and then sold them for Christmas trees. My mom made and sold Christmas wreaths from the pine branches from the trees on the homestead. The best part of being raised on a Christmas Tree farm, other than the smell of freshly cut pine, was the fact that a few times each season my dad would keep me out of school to help him get ready for the Christmas season.

The tree part of the name is taken from the Old Rugged Cross, the spiritual side of my heritage. I was born into the family of God at age ten, led to the Lord in a small Baptist church in an evangelistic service. My brother-in-law went forward with me and sat with me as the preacher explained the plan of salvation.

The ministries part of the name comes from an overwhelming belief that God has a purpose for His children, including me. And part of that purpose is to minister to the body of Christ in particular and humankind in general.

The Pines and the Tree are what got me to this place, the Ministries is what keeps me here.

The Pine Tree Ministries Blog

The blog is something that I have tossed around in my mind for many years. Each time it was tossed it ended on the cutting room floor. I was troubled by two things:

  1. I did not want to start something without planning on seeing it through.
  2. I did not know if I had anything that anyone would want to hear.

My wife is a captive audience and sometimes she rolls her eyes when I begin to espouse some great truth, I imagine some of you rolling your eyes at times too.

So, brushing those two fears to the side, I want to say that I will try to be relevant and scriptural. I have little of importance to say if what I say is not supported by scripture.

I ask you to join me, to participate, to discuss, that we may grow together in our knowledge of the Lord and His desire to work in us and through us.

Karl Crawford, Author

Recent Blog Posts

  • 13 Feb, 2023

    Envy the Youth

    It is common for old-timers, a group in which I am solidly ensconced, to envy the strength and vitality of the youth.  I envy the number of years they have ahead of them.  I would love to do life over again, assuming I would know on the second pass through what I have learned through toil and trouble the first time along life’s journey. But there is no guarantee of days.  The “three score and ten” (Psalm 90:10) is an......

  • 18 Dec, 2022

    Wayne Foote

    I received news just recently that one of my heroes had left this land for the better one. It was not unexpected, he had been in failing health for many months, needing more and more care from his family to stay in the home he loved at age 91. We, my wife and I, became friends with his daughter and son-in-law many years ago when we all attended the same church. They invited us to St. Ignace to visit Glen......

  • 10 Dec, 2022

    God is in Your Crisis

    We might say to a group of people, “God is in your crisis.” But it is entirely different to look into the eyes of a hurting believer and say, “God is in your crisis.” This morning, as I read a commentary on the book of Isaiah, those words, “God is in your crisis,” popped off the page to me. I underlined them…and then I chewed on them as I drove to work. And God rephrased them, He re-emphasized them, “God......

  • 24 Nov, 2022


    I remember the evening a few years ago now when a visitor attended our church service.  He was a slender man with lots of energy and it was obvious he was trying to find a place to sit.  Certainly, he was aware of the rules for the Crawford Section; that we were very selective about someone invading our turf…but alas, he was not cognizant of our rules made for such a time as this.  I made casual eye contact with......

  • 10 Jul, 2022

    Roe v. Wade? Or love?

    Roe v. Wade is the name of a Supreme Court case decided back in 1973.  A case that has divided much of the nation since that day.  In my social circle in my tiny berg in Northern Michigan the 1973 decision did not have much impact at the time.  Over the years, the gravity of taking the life of an unborn human being by the choice of the mother seemed very wrong to me.  I began to be more involved......

  • 26 Mar, 2022

    Do You Trust God?

    We all remember the story of Abraham and Sarah waiting so many years for the male child that God had promised them.  This was the only child who could fulfil the promises God had made to them on multiple occasions. (That promise to Abraham and Sarah was made to you and me too.  The promise was not only for their progeny as the sands of the seashore but for a Deliverer.  That Deliverer is as important to me thousands of......

  • 12 Mar, 2022

    A Long Decade? Or a Few Short Years?

    The last few years have been difficult since we were made aware of some new type of flu found in a place called Wuhan on the other side of the world.  “Normal” has become a fading dream as the results of that medical discovery have changed our personal world and our greater world.  I remember the first time I heard on the news of this new virus: “It will affect mainly older people and those with comorbidities” the young newscaster......

  • 16 Feb, 2022


    My sister-in-law, Kenda, passed away almost 22 years ago now. It doesn’t seem like it could possibly be that long since we have been together. It would have been about this time of year that I would have done her income tax for her after her husband died. And she would have been flummoxed because she was so uncomfortable having people do things for her, in her mind it was to be the other way around. I woke up this......

  • 12 Feb, 2022

    Psalm 23—For Where I am, and Where You are, Right Now

    I have been reading/studying/meditating my way through the Psalms in 2022.  I am reading the Bible and through 4-5 commentaries and am at different points in each of them.  This week, I came to Psalm 23 in one of the commentaries.  I had already read it in the Scriptures and, like you, can pretty much quote it by heart.  When I read it in the Word, my mind fell back on what I already knew, “The Lord is my Shepherd,......

  • 01 Jan, 2022

    Happy New Year!!!

    Every December 31, the next day is anticipated as “the year” when a fresh start is given to each one of us. A new chance to get our weight under control, a new hope for better family relationships, a better job, or more security for our future. Some resolve to begin daily devotions for a closer walk with the Lord. Some hope for a fresh start for their marriage, while others hope for someone to marry. Someone on Facebook said......

  • 23 Dec, 2021


    Do you ever get the idea that some people are going to be with us forever, that other folk will die, but not them?  I think that Wilbur Wagenschutz was one of those people for me.  When I see his obit on my desk, it jolts me, it doesn’t seem real. Wilbur had been a long-time friend of my wife’s family, and when I came into her family, I became a friend of Wilbur’s as well.  He had known my......

  • 12 Dec, 2021

    Christmas Past…and Present

    Christmas, the time of year, brings many emotions as our thoughts of the holiday are formed by our past experiences.  My parents were fully involved in Christmas.  My father sold Christmas trees from his salesroom, formerly known, as recently as a few weeks before, as the family’s two-car garage.  My mother made wreaths and other items in her workshop, which also doubled later that day as the dining room table.  The look and smell of Christmas was evident throughout the......